Welcome to the Saab Car Museum Support Organizations new web page. Saab Car Museum Support Organization is a non profit organization who’s purpose is to promote Saab Car Museum activities. This is being done by different projects who’s aim is to create fundings for the Museum to develop the exhibition, carry out projects, publish books and lots more. You can support the organization and the Saab Car Museum by becoming a member and a being a Saab Car Museum Supporter you too

Many new members at the Festival

Some technical issues with confirmations of membership

Some of you who’ve joined the organization recently may wonder why there hasn’t been any confirmation mail on the membership and the payment.

Unfortunately we are right now experiencing some issues with the confirmation mails that is supposed to go out to all new members. We want to emphasise that it is just the confirmations that is the problem. The payment and registration of membership is all in order.

The solution is on the way and all of you who has payed their registration fee will get a confirmation as soon as the system is up and running again

The Board