Saab 96, Group 3 project, part 4

February 2019 – Final paint job

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Our Group 3 project car has now left the NEVS paint facility where, during mid- December to mid -January it has been prepared and applied with its final coats of paint. Taking more time than previously anticipated a lot extra work was needed to rectify extensive cracks showing on the cars glass-fibre wing panels. These needed to be carefully rubbed down both before and after a coating of glass- fibre packing material/filler being applied to the panels surfaces. Even the cars light-blue coloured original panels needed further attention; After being sprayed the surface coat was seen to have ´risen` in places, lacking adhesion – to rectify this a further ground coat of paint was needed before the panels were finally rubbed down and sprayed again.

The attached photos show the body shell being prepared in the experimental spray-booth facility at NEVS. The whole car, i.e. all internal and external surfaces including; engine room, luggage compartment, wings and fixtures etc. have now all been sprayed with Saab’s distinguished competition colour of the 1960 ´s Toreador Red (R2).

It was with great excitement that myself, Åke and the team of mechanics from the Saab museum drove the Museums covered car trailer to NEVS recently to take delivery of the Group 3 project car in its final colour. Upon arrival all loose parts such as bumper brackets, air vanes, screens and hatches etc had all been carefully laid out on tables in the NEVS workshop and after careful packaging, the Group 3 body shell was finally loaded onto the trailer for its next destination i.e. The Saab Car Museum.

Now in the museum’s workshop, the car has been placed on a scissor lift, allowing work to be safely performed both inside and under the vehicle. One of the first operations to be performed has been the assembly and fitment of the refurbished front and rear axle assemblies. Once completed the clutch, brake and accelerator pedal assemblies were added together with the rack and pinion, fuel-tank and a refurbished cable harness.

The next step will be to install new brake lines throughout the car which, as these will be visible inside the car, they will be required to follow original routings etc. New brake hoses and integral connections have also been found at the Saab Clubs spare parts stores.

We are extremely grateful for all donations etc and wish to thank both Lackman in Uddevalla for their supply of painting material etc and NEVS in Trollhättan for their work and paint-spraying expertise.

Enclosed photos are from the NEVS paint facility and Saab car museum’s workshop etc. in Trollhättan.

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