Hall of Fame

Saab Car Museum Support Organization’s Hall of fame

In connection with Saab Car Museum Festival the Support Organization award two scholarships. Below is a short presentation of them and previous recipients.

Erik Carlssons award

Erik Carlsson “on the roof”

Erik Carlsson, also known as “Carlsson on the roof “or Mr Saab, started driving rallies in the early 50s. Employed 1955 as test and rally driver at the Saab factory and achieved great success with the three-cylinder Saabs both nationally and internationally, winning e.g. RAC rally three times and the Monte-Carlo rally twice. After finishing his competition career Erik Carlsson worked as a PR man for Saab around the world for pretty much the rest of his life. At Erik´s death, the Support Organization received a donation from his old friend, the publishing director Stig L Sjöberg, which enabled the Support Organization to award a motorsport Scholarship where the recipient must have made significant contributions to “Saab history” in the field of motorsport in the spirit of Erik Carlsson.

Recipients of this Scholarship:
2017 Mikael Mohlin, historic racing.
2019 Tom Donney, land speed record on Bonneville Salt flat with Saab Sonett.
2022 Lennart Nilsson and Krister Wigren, rally and historic racing.

Hans Johnssons minnesfond

Hans Johnsson with his two price winning Saabs at the Saab Festival

Hans Johnsson was a Saab enthusiast who worked with Saab cars all his life mostly at dealers, but also at the Saab factory´s method workshop and in his own workshop. Drove rallies in younger years. In the 2000s it was all about classic Saabs. Hans did several very nice renovations and received prize at the Saab Festival for two cars one of which was a 750 GT that has been on long-term loan to the Saab Car Museum. Hans was also a diligent seller at vintage car markets. When he passed away in 2020, the family chose to direct memorial gifts to the Support Organization. It resulted in a significant contribution to us and we then decided to award a scholarship in connection with the Saab Car Museum Festival to a person who has done an extraordinary Saab renovation in the spirit of Hans Johnsson

Recipient of this Scholarship:
2022 Peter Land Saab 92