Show your support

The purpose of the Support Organization is to promote the Saab Car Museum. This is done through a variety of activities in order to create economic means for the Museum. These will be used to support Museum activities, help funding mutually agreed projects and more. A great deal can be achieved with small means while the restauration of a car or publishing a book is rather costly.

If you want to support the organization with a donation of some kind we will be more than happy. The organization has a lot of ideas around projects that would benfit the Saab Car Museum but of course we’re always open to new ideas. Together we build an active and living museum and strong solidarity amoung us Saab Car Museum Supporters.
If you want to make a donation, please send us an e-mail with information if the donation/gift is for a non-specific or dedicated purpose.

Helping in other ways
The organizations operation is mainly based on volontary work from the many enthusiasts that have joined the movement and is eager to share both knowledge and dedication. Do you have something you could contribute with? Don’t hesitate to contact us. Maybe you possess invaluable knowledge, can tell amazing stories or maybe you’re an expert at making good fika bread. If so, don’t hold back, contact us now.