Saab 9000 – celebrating 40 years

Den första Saab 9000 såg dagens ljus 1984

As many of you already know, this year marks 40 years since the launch of the Saab 9000. The car model that refuses to age. Still, more than 25 years after it stopped being produced, many Saab 9000s are seen in daily traffic and in advertisements many cars are seen that have gone over 300,000 kilometers but are still in good condition.

It’s also no surprise that the model will take center stage at this year’s Saab Festival. This means that the spotlight is now on the model that so many of us have a dear relationship and memories around. Not least all those who have been involved in developing and manufacturing the car. On this page we thought we would gather things that we think are interesting, fun or simply just fun curiosities.

During the last year, as you who are already members know, we have on several occasions interviewed the Support Organizations own Gunnar Johansson who was working at Saab from 1971 until the end and was also involved in developing many of the details and processes that were new on the Saab 9000, including the challenges they had with the rear spoiler and how it went about when the automatic climate control system ACC saw the light of day. These films are available on the members’ page, which all paying members have access to. Now that it is the anniversary year, we feel a little extra generous and would like to share two of these wonderful videos, about the rear spoiler and the introduction of the ACC system, and the challenges faced, both in terms of production technology and fit. Other videos can be found as before on the member page.

Gunnar Johansson talks about rear spoiler on Saab 9000
Gunnar Johansson explains how the ACC system was developed in Saab 9000