More info soon to be found on the Saab Car Museum web site.

Article about the Group 3 project in the latest edition of Saab Cars Magazine.

In the seventh edition of Saab Cars Magazine is here! A magazine you can’t miss, especially so if you understand Swedish.

This edition has a full blown article about the Group 3 car that the Saab Car Museum Support Organization restored as an example of how a racing Saab looked like in the 60’s. The car is now part of the Museums exhibition.

You can buy at from the Saab Car Museum or order it from Klassiker:…/nu-har-saab-cars-magazine-7

Saab 96 Grupp 3
Loud, fast and brutal – and not built for historic racing. The Support Organization did everything right. Photo Claes Johansson
Foto Claes Johansson
Foto Claes Johansson