High performance Saab Sport, new exterior colours, Monte Carlo rally winning Saab, and Saab prototype caravan – presented at the Stockholm Motor Show.

Historical SAAB: An extract from Saab VIPS magazine No 1,1962. Pages 1-4
Adapted and compiled by Ray Beaufoy 2023-04-13.

At this year’s Stockholm’s motor show Saab presented its new Saab Sport performance car together with new exterior colours for the Saab 96 and Saab 95 series. Also on display was a unique prototype of the versatile SAABO–Camper caravan.

This year’s motor show was the largest ever to be held in Sweden -SAAB-ANA’s own exhibition stand was one of the largest with no less than 14 Saab cars and six Chrysler models on display. In total over 200 cars- valued at over 3 MSEK – were on display for the motoring press and public to view.

Keen Saab Sport enthusiast Prince Bertil was present to open the motor show.

Photo of Prince Bertil examining the Saab sport engine guided by Saab director Trygve Holm.

Keen motoring enthusiast Prince Bertil was present to open the motor show and visit the Saab stand guided by Saabs director Trygve Holm. Prince Bertil was eager to learn of the new features included in the new Saab Sport model with its high-performance engine and even took time to congratulate Eric Carlsson on his remarkable victory in the Monte Carlo rally and view his winning rally car.

Photo. Saab sport engine and Eric Carlsson’s winning Monte Carlo rally car in the background.

Saab did not just present the Saab Sport model but also the recent changes to the current model range i.e., new exterior colours and upgraded interior trim levels etc. Saab representatives on the stand were dressed in clothes coinciding with the colours of new interior trim levels etc and assist with visitors’ questions etc.

Several car seats were also on display upholstered in new fabrics and trim colours – now available in red, blue, and beige and manufactured in pure wool, nylon, and rayon fabrics to give improved comfort and durability. The upper edge of the seat’s backrest and the front edge of the seat cushions have now a synthetic leather covering in matching trim colours –grey for the red and blue fabrics and brown for the beige fabric. The three new colour combinations are each well matched with the car’s newly upgraded exterior colours.

The previous blue and grey exterior colours are now replaced by a modern light blue colour. The earlier Pearl Grey, or City Grey as it was known, is now a darker Pencil Grey- which is thought to strongly appeal to Saab buyers.

Eric Carlsson’s Monte Carlo Rally victory
The SAAB stand included two new Saab Sport models which had some of the cars exterior panels removed to reveal the most recent modifications.

Saabs standard production models were also on show also having cut away panelling making it possible to inspect Saabs distinguished safety features and engineering designs. Mirrors were also placed under the vehicles to ease viewing of the car’s smooth aerodynamic undercarriage.

Saabs winning red Monte Carlo Saab rally car had been positioned on a special podium with the car´s driver Erik Carlsson at close hand to explain the cars´ features and rally equipment for interested guests.

Of the Saab cars, there was also a Saab 96 with a sunroof, one with an automatic clutch and a similar car equipped with extra driving school equipment. A Saab 95 estate car was on display fitted with accessories specially designed for the model range.

On the Chrysler side, news from the American manufacturers focussed on the Valiant and Lancer models and a Chrysler New Yorker with its 322 hp V8 engine.

A sleek 2-door Dodge Dart was also shown with its Power-Brake, Automatic transmission, and Power-Steering features.
20,000 square meters of exhibition space.

This year’s car show was the third international car show to be held in Stockholm and the venue for this event was a new 20,000 m2 exhibition hall built specifically for the St.Eriksmässan exhibition centre.

The previous auto show in Stockholm was held in 1956 where the Saab Sonnet was shown for the first time.

The new Saab cars had earlier been demonstrated at a premiere screening for ANA dealers at the Folkan theatre in Stockholm. A team of talented ladies from the Oscars Ballet were present to add a touch of the new colours to a full-size picture of a Saab.